buy your /r/ainbow stickers here!

These lovely stickers were printed by the fine folks at StickerMule. They measure 3 inches wide by 1¾ inches tall, and they are made of durable, high quality white vinyl. To give you an idea of the durability of these stickers: we stuck one on a well-trafficked street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in May; three months later, it's taken a beating but still looks great.

Get stickers with PayPal

Note that there is a $1.50 handling fee per order regardless of quantity. Shipping is only to US addresses.

How Many?

Sticker sales are currently limited to the US. Also, this is a limited time deal; stickers will only be on sale until the end of September SCRATCH THAT! No more limited time, just gonna keep sending these until we run out.

Finally, please note: I am but one man handling this in my spare time. Sticker orders will be handled once a week: batched on Saturday night and sent on Sunday afternoon. The $1.50 handling fee covers PayPal's fees (ranging from 36¢ to 88¢), as well as the cost of a first class stamp (45¢) and an envelope. I don't expect we will break even on this, but on the off chance that there's a small profit on my end I will try and roll it into something else cool for the /r/ainbow community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message the mods of /r/ainbow.